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As we all know, there are lots of social media platforms on the internet but Instagram platform has a slightly different image in platforms from all of them. Instagram is one of the most favorite platforms for users and marketers because creators on Instagram have to provide rich content that is useful, attractive, motivational. Also, a lots of good creators use Instagram daily where they share some cool kind stuff on content in the interest of Funny, Love, Educational and many more and sometimes we need to download those videos for later watching or used for works.

Instafinsta is a free web app that allows you to download Insta stories, reels videos, and photos for FREE without needing any extension, login, or signup any app. It’s very simple & very easy to use, but it provides full features covering all content types downloaded from Instagram platform.

Instagram story downloader

You can easily download Instagram stories, images, posts with Instafinsta downloader. All these features are 100% free and can be used without any limitations.

As we all know, Instagram is a popular social network, even more popular than Facebook or TikTok in some countries like US, UK, Germany etc and age groups.

We all sometimes come across a great reels video or even some images on Instagram that we like a lot, but the problem is Instagram hasn’t any option to download or save photos from its app on your device.

Now thanks to the help of Instafinsta or similiar tool like sssinstagram, you can easily download anything you want from Instagram with an easy-to-use online downloader – and totally FREE! You can literally save anything you want from Instagram in few seconds!

How to Use Instafinsta Downloader

Instagram reels video downloading with Instafinsta app is as very easy.Just follow some simple steps below, and you can download any photos, video, reels, or stories from the Instagram app or its website.

That’s it! Now you know how to use Instafinsta app to download Instagram stories, reels videos, photos.

Why is Instafinsta still the great Instagram downloader for FREE?

As you already may know, Instafinsta app is still one of the best Instagram content downloader which is free and works on any device/OS. You can use it on Android, iOS/iPhone, Windows, Linux PC, and Mac; all you need is an online connection and a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

Insta finsta

Instagram Story Downloader

If you want to download an Instagram story and save it on your mobile, you can easily do it with the Instafinsta Story downloader. You can use it to download all public profiles, brand account profiles.

Insta finsta

Instagram Reels Video Downloader

Videos are very popular on Instagram, and we often come across many useful videos we want to save on our devices; that’s why our IG video downloader was created! You can easily save & download any video from Insta and save it as MP4, which you can watch anytime on any device/OS.

Insta finsta

Instagram Photo Downloader​

Finally, we all know Instagram has a lot of content, including videos, statuses, posts, and everything, but it is popular for one main reason: photos & pictures. Unlike Facebook, Instagram site doesn’t give users any option to save photos on their devices, even though both social networks are from META group.


No sorry, there isn’t any Instagram downloaders out there that can download private videos as they are not available for public.

Yes, you can download Instagram reels as well as Instagram photos, reels videos, story and everything you want!

Yes, as long as you can grab Instagram profile URL and  paste it above then use our DP viewer/downloader.


No, Instafinsta is fully online tool what means you can use it on any device and browser whenever it is Android, iOS, Windows, Mac or even Linux! You don’t need Instafinsta app so it is supported on as many devices as possible, including Apple’s iPhones and iPads

Yes, all downloads via Instafinsta is 100% safe and private. That means we don’t store any data and authors don’t know you downloaded their stuff, so you can relax and enjoy with the best Instagram downloader

Key Feature of Instafinsta App

Whenever you want to save your friend’s Instagram story, download Instagram posts, or save reels from Instagram on your smartphone, Instafinsta downloading options are suitable for any use and work online. You can use it with every OS and device out there.

Thanks to the 2023 update, Instafinsta has improved so much that it has become the #1 Instagram downloader in the market. And it is growing more and more popular in more countries and territories due to its clean UI, great features, and secure, fast download!

Updated on 05/05/2023, all IG downloaders are 100% Working!